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SimCity Links

I don't have one of those submission forms, since I don't know CGI scripting. So if you have a site you wish to have me link to, you'll have to mail me your site address, title, and a short description.

Each link is rated out of 5 stars, on my opinion of the site.

SimCity 3000
Dedicated sites

  • SIMCITY.COM: Official SimCity 3000 site
    The official site of SC3000, with the most up to date news, downloads, and stuff. They even put up the cheats for the game!

  • SimCity 3000 Resource Center
    I would say this is the best unofficial SC3000 site out there. They have all the information, lots of links, and they are totally up to date.

  • SimPortal
    Packed with tons of articles archived (if you have time to go through them), fun Javascripts.

  • SimElite Club
    The site is a little cluttered, but they have a lot of stuff. They have a chatzone, and links to many other good SC3000 sites.

  • Planet SimCity
    Very up to date, with information on both SC3000 and SC2000. A city archive and good strategies. Easy to navigate but the layout and design is a little crude.

  • The SimCity Homebase
    A kind of newspaper-like layout, neat! No set date for updates, but all articles seem to be quite recent. Good strategy articles.

  • SimCenter
    The only site that offers free web hosting exclusively for SimCity sites. Membership is free, and they also offer a banner exchange. For the free membership, you get 3MBs of webspace, an e-mail address, and the optional banner exchange feature (25MBs for $5 a month).

  • SimNet Online
    Right up to date. I like the layout... reminds me of the Microsoft site. Good strategies and hints, some I haven't seen elsewhere.

  • Sim Expressway
    A little bit of vital information, such as strats and cheats on all the Sim games. Uses scripts not fully compatible with IE5 (could be just my settings).

  • SimCity Online
    Stuff on all games by Electronic Arts. Clean design, lots of good strategy blurbs.

  • SC3K Designers Zone
    Nice architecture design, with neat fonts. Has current new, a poll, and a complete discussion forum.

  • Sim Network
    Beautifully designed, clean layout. Up to date with all the news plus a complete "City Xchange" section.

  • Sim City 3000 @ Valhalla
    General info on SC3K, screens, tips, cheats, FAQ, cities and stuff for download. Polish language version. I don't understand Polish, but judging by the layout and information, looks very complete.

  • SimCity 3000 Help Page
    Nice clean layout. Go here if you're having problems developing your city. Also has some nice bitmaps terrains he created.

  • SimCity 3000 The Outer Limits
    Nice design, easy to navigate, reliable news.

  • Casey's SimCity 3000 Page
    Cities and terrains to download and some tips. However not much in the news department.

  • Josh's Sim Stuff
    This site is being redesigned. Nothing here just yet.

  • SimStation
    Source for SC3000 and other Sim games. This site has lots of links, and is up to date with the BAT and SC3000 information.

SimCity 3000
Personal sites

  • SimCity 3000 & Warhammer Online
    A Personal site that has information about SimCity 3000, and Warhammer, although the SC3000 section seems to be taking over.


SimCity 2000

  • SimCity 2000 Mayor's Convention
    Tons of information on SimCity 2000. One of the few sites where the SC2000 section is still updated regularly. Also has all the stuff on SCURK, SimTower, and Streets of SimCity.


Personal and Friend's sites

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SimCity Links
Last updated: 05/11/99

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