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Please be patient while the images below load. Browse around in a new window in the meantime if your connection is slow or if you think you can't sit still for 10-30 seconds.

All thumbnails are shrunken to 20%. Most are 800x600 - larger the thumbnail, larger the full size image.

Screenshots of my cities
My first complete city. The bayshore overlooking a highway bridge.
A very dense downtown core; has astronomical land values.
Above city, zoomed out.
Another downtown core with astronomical land values.

A panorama of the entire city. Broken up into two shots.

Extremely dense area of commerce. All the nice buildings including Quigley's Insurance, my favourite.

Might want to download this first; very large.
(1280x1024 / 524kb)

A mess of urban freeways connecting industrial areas to the suburbs.
Closest zoom showing two useless bridges crossing the desert.
A very wealthy residential district.
The complex road/hiway system of my city.

Screenshots of other people's cities
A university campus.
A bottleneck at rush hour.
A river runs through the central business district.
(from anonymous)

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