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Bridges (02/05/99)
Building bridges in SimCity 3000 sometimes doesn't work out as it should. These are some of the reasons why bridges won't connect properly, or at all:

Correcting these problems:

When roads and highway bridges are built, they will raise the terrain around them by, I believe, 2 tiles to the left and right, and 3 tiles away from the water. If there are structures within this area, a message will come up telling you that, and the bridge will not build.
Road bridges must start 5 tiles back from the water and be dragged to 5 tiles away on the opposite shore for the cursor to turn blue. Highways take 4 tiles. Also bridges cannot be built on slopes steeper than 45 degrees.
Bridges won't be build over surface water. Instead, the road will raise the terrain a tile so that it is even with the ground, then build a regular road over it. If you really want a bridge, just because it'll look nicer, you must lower the terrain where the water is first.

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