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Transportation (05/04/99)
Transportation is needed in SC3000 to get Sims from one place to another (DUH!), but more specifically from one zone to another. Every month a simulated trip to and from zones will be made. The Sims will begin to complain (and ultimately leave) if too many can't get to where they're trying to go. Below is a chart of the maximum distance a Sim will travel to get around:

Maximum Allowable Trip Distances (in tiles)
From To Res. To Comm. To Ind.
Residential 10 40 100
Commercial 70 80 100
Residential 50 70 100
Mixed/All 33 66 100

Source: Prima's Strategy Guide book


Some more stuff...
A Sim will walk these distances for access to transportation: 3 tiles for Commercial zones, 4 tiles for Residential, and 5 tiles for Industrial. Passing the Shuttle ordinance will allow access distances to increase by one for all zones (very useful), EX. 4 tiles for Comm. Since the transportation access distances are different for all zones, making 6x6 grids is not the most efficient system as it was in SC2000.

It is possible to build a city with mass transit as the only transportation system but is not recommended. The city will develop extremely slowly (some zones, not at all) and unless the system is perfect, Sims will complain of inefficient transportation.

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