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Old Polls

My collection of previous polls on this site.
Thanks to all who have shared their opinion by voting here.

MP = My pick

February 8th ~ February 26th
What's the best new feature of SC3000?

Transportation (roads/hiways) (3)11%
Landmarks/Rewards (7)26%
Management of city (2)7%
Nice Graphics (13)48%
None of the Above (2)7%

27 Total Votes

February 26th ~ March 18
What goal do you usually have in mind for your cities?

Aesthetics (15)23%
Wealth (17)27%
Population (22)34%
Aura (7)11%
Other (3)5%

64 Total Votes

March 18th ~ April 13th
How often do you cheat?

The data from this poll was erased!!!

April 14th ~ May 19th
How much time do you spend on SC3000 (hrs/wk) ?

The Nut (16+) (9)32%
The Addict (12-16) (5)18%
The Pro (8-12) (3)11%
The Regular (4-8) (7)25%
The Amature (0-4) (4)14%

28 Total Votes

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