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SimCity 3000 news below, updates to Stuff 3000 on the right. Mail me if you have any comments or questions about this site or SC3000 in general.

CityScape 3000 News

August 1st, 1999
So sorry to those (if any!) who visit this site regularly. I seemed to have lost interest in maintaining this site... at least for now. I haven't been keeping up with the SimCity 3000 news, and haven't played SimCity 3000 in about a month now (!!!). So anyway, I might get back to updating or I might not. I'm thinking of creating a new website, though I doubt it'll have anything to do with SimCity.

If you have anything to say, comments or questions, please mail me:

July 5th, 1999
Whoops..... lagging on the updates again. I've been busy building the new layout for this site, plus summer school :( Anyway, over at, they've got a very comprehensive article on the use of subways. Read all about it here.

July 2nd, 1999
I've built a new building from the Building Architect. I'm not going to bother putting it up in the bat section because I am once again trying to redesign CityScape 3000. I'm just getting tired of the same layout, and I'm trying to make the new site easier to navigate. Watch for it in about a week. Anyway, here's the new building, Park Tower (4x4 commercial).

June 27th, 1999
A neat article over at analyzing the effects of playing SimCity 3000 on your health! A humorous article with some actually useful information. Check it out!

June 27th, 1999
A neat article over at analyzing the effects of playing SimCity 3000 on your health! A humorous article with some actually useful information. Check it out!

June 23rd, 1999
Two buildings I have created, London Plaza and Pacific Plaza have been uploaded to my BAT section. They are both intended to replace 4x4 commercial buildings. Download them in ZIP format:
London Plaza
Pacific Plaza

June 20th, 1999
Downloaded the Building Architect Tool for myself on the 18th, and have been busy trying it out since. It's even more addictive for me than SimCity 3000 (when I first got it)!! I've completed two buildings already and will be uploading them very shortly (today or tomorrow). They look quite good. I've decided to be ambitious and start my first building on a 4x4 grid! They'll be in the BAT once I get them uploaded.

June 18th, 1999
Yes, the BAT is out! Go to and click on the big link to the BAT download. Note you'll need the patch as well to make SC3000 compatible with the Building Architect Tool.

Phhht... on June 16th, as expected, was so tied up I couldn't download it. The next day, I couldn't connect to my crappy ISP so I couldn't try downloading... and today, no time today. So, anyways, I'll try again asap and give my opinion on it. Also check the BAT section soon for buildings to download.

June 10th, 1999
BAT Release Finalized! The Building Architect Tool will be released on June 16th! It will be available for download at and will be about 20MBs in size.

Also, there are now over 2500 cities in the City Exchange @!

June 7th, 1999
I have been busy with school work and haven't been able to make updates for a while... or play SC3000. It might be another week until I can get back to more regular updating. Anyway, there's a new landmark building over at It is the pantheon of Rome, Italy.

Preview it here.
Download it here.

May 27th, 1999
City Exchange @ with new top 10 "no cheat" cities. There are now over 2000 SimCity 3000 cities in the city exchange!! Also in the population section, the largest city has reached 12.5 million, although totally cheating...

May 25th, 1999
Hmmm..... there hasn't been any news for a while... well, in the meantime, here's an interesting screenshot I made:

Evening Ballgame

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