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This section contains tips to help with making your cities better by improving income, population, aesthetics, or however you define a successful city. These hints are articles I have written from my own experience and from strategies I have seen elsewhere, which I have tested to work. If you have your own unique strategies, please mail them to me and I will put them up with the source. Also any questions mailed to Hope some of these hints help, and good luck with your cities!

Tip: Your city's industries canot be 100% hi-tech until the year 2200.
Tip: Polluting structures built at the edge of the map will cause 1/2 of the pollution to drift to your neigbor (they'll never know).
Tip: Police stations, Fire departments, hospitals, schools, libraries and museums do not require access to transportation.
Tip: Zone light density for young cities and rezone to the desired density as city matures.

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