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Land Bridges (03/27/99)

bridge over the desert

There is really no practical reason to build a bridge other than to get across water, but this is a neat trick to get a bridge anywhere. Unfortunately SC3000 does not have bridges made for crossing valleys, so the bridge must always be the same height above the ground. However bridges created by this method will make the crossing over small depressions, look quite natural, as in the picture above. Creating the bridge over land is not actually that difficult, but requires some tricks, as these structures are not intended to be built in SimCity 3000.

here are the steps:

  1. Carve out a strip of water as shallow as possible.

  2. Place a bridge over the water.

  3. Select the subway tool, switching to the underground view. Place a subway track on the block shown in the picture, a 'corner' sloping block (hope u can figure that out! I don't know of another way to describe it).

  4. The first subway block should be raised to the level of the ground, and another corner sloping block will be created. Destroy the first subway block, and place another on the corner. Then just repeat until all of that side is raised. Do the same for the other side (might want to rotate the map 180 degrees before placing on 2nd row).

  5. The water should be raised to the level of the land, giving the effect of a bridge over land!

A few notes:
  • The bridge although appears it is over land, it is still recognized by SimCity as being over water, therefore a road (or anything else) cannot be placed under the bridge.
  • This bridge over land trick also works with bridges for trains and highway bridges (as shown in example picture at top). Highway bridges just require an extra row of raising land, using the same method.

Hope this article helps. If you need clarification, just mail me.

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