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(Updated 06/20/99)
BAT has been released on June 16th.
Below are some of my original buildings I have created.

General Info

The Building Architect Tool allows players to create original buildings for use in SimCity 3000. It uses a plane for each dimension (3 of them) with different combinations of block, each with either 45 or 90 degree angles on different sides. Each block can be selected as a single block, a line, or a plane (most useful). The blocks are placed on the selected plane and the original model is immediately updated. I find this configuration extremely versatile yet easy to learn.

Textures are placed on the blocks with the paint mode, where there is a wide variety of wall, ground, rooftop, and solid color patterns. There are also a variety of details, called decals, that can be placed on top of the paint (I find the selection a little small, though).

The completed building can then be swapped in the building manager with residential, commercial, industrial, or civic buildings to be exported to SimCity 3000. The buildings in the building manager are saved into files that can be used in new or existing cities in SimCity 3000.

Great Features

  • powerful and versatile interface
  • very easy to use
  • blocks cover every combination of angles
Minor Complaints
  • not enough decals (Maxis promises more in the future)
  • could use an option to swap buildings with landmarks

Here are some screenshots of the BAT:

Original Buildings

If you distribute these buildings on your own website, please note the source. Just click on the pic to download. Files not more than 50kb, and are compressed in ZIP format.

London Plaza

Pacific Plaza

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