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You have found the cheat section for SimCity 3000. Maxis loves to put in cheats for their games. Every Sim title has cheats. For SimCity 3000, Maxis was even good enough to provide the cheats on their own website,

I put up these cheats because I support cheating. Yes, cheating is a great way to experiment and learn everything you need to know in a game. For the beginner, cheating is the best tutorial for SimCity 3000 there is, and for the player built everything, cheating opens up a whole new game. Anyways, here they are:

To type in a cheat, hold [Ctrl], [Shift], [Alt] and [C] keys down, and the cheat window should come up in the top left corner of the screen. Then just type in the cheat as it says in the table below, and press [Enter].

Code Description
i am weak Everything that can be built will become free. You will still be charged for the demolish tool.
call cousin Vinnie A Local Fundraising Event will appear under Meet. A suspicious looking character will offer you some money, and if you accept, you will instantly recieve $100,000. This cheat can only be used once.
zyxwvu If you reject the Fundraising deal from cousin Vinnie, this code will give you the SimCity Castle. It will appear under Rewards, and will improve aura by a greater radius than the Mayor's house.
garbage in, garbage out All garbage buildings become available regardless of year.
power to the masses All power plants become available regardless of year.
water in the desert All water facilities become available regardless of year.
pay tribute to your king Gives you all of the rewards except the Gigamall and the Casino.
let's make a deal All of the petitioners with contact will make deals with you.
salt on Turns all water on the map into salt water.
salt off Turns all water on the map into fresh water.
terrain one up Raises terrain 1 tile. (use this cheat before building, as it will destroy everything on the map)
terrain one down Lowers terrain 1 tile. (same effect as above)
terrain ten up Raises terrain 10 tiles. (same effect as above)
terrain ten down Lowers terrain 10 tiles. (same effect as above)
ufo swarm Brings lots more UFOs during the alien disaster.
nerdz rool Converts all industry into high-tech.
the birds A flock of birds (very small) fly over the city.
i love red tape The City Hall will be labelled "Miles and Miles of Red Tape", and the date will be set back to the year 1900. (NOT VERIFIED, I've tried it myself and it didn't work)
The following are not cheats, but enter these in the cheat window and responses will appear in the news ticker.
easter egg
will wright
electronic arts
simon says

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Please mail me if you notice there's something I've missed.