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Farms (02/17/99)
I have read an article at on building farms, and also tested some of the hints myself.
These are the conditions required for farms to develop:

  • Low density industrial zoning
  • 8x8 or larger block of zone
  • Away from commercial zones
  • Low or Very Low land value
  • Road access and power
Meeting these basic requirements does not guarantee a farm, but not meeting one of these requirements guarantees there won't be one. Other factors to consider: Farms need roads, but tend not to develop when the majority of it is surrounded by roads. Having only one or two sides of the farm with road access is ideal. Farms will not develop if there too much pollution. Just keep industrial buildings (destroy them if they start building where you have intended for the farm) and other polluting structures away and it'll be fine. Farms have a minimum size of 8x8 and a maximum of 18x18 tiles. Typically if you have a block of zoning larger than 18 tiles square, two farms will share the block. If there are gaps of light industry left over from farms, destroy those buildings and dezone the tile under it, as industrial buildings bring pollution.

If your city doesn't have a lot of high-tech industries, farms can be beneficial since they will fill the demand for industrial zones without bringing in the pollution. But farms do take up a lot of space because they must be built far away from the pollution and higher land values in the city, and are pretty big themselves.

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