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Developing Zones (05/02/99)
The most obvious reason a zone is not developing is if it isn't in demand. Check the RCI indicator to see the type of zone you need to build. Zone new areas of only the type of zone that shows positive on the indicator; if more than one shows positive, develop the one highest in demand. It is almost impossible to balance out the zones perfectly, but as your city grows, it becomes less picky about which zones are in demand. Generally, cities just starting out will need much more industrial than commercial, with residential in between. In fact, commercial really doesn't come into demand for a while even if you don't place any to begin with. As the city grows commercial will gain demand and industrial will loose demand. When the population of your city becomes close to a million, industrial zones will be in such low demand you may have to demolish some areas of it.

There are other things you can do to break out from this order of demand according to population:

Sometimes, all three types of zones will show up as negative on the RCI indicator (this is a bad thing). This is most likely caused by low global aura, created by a high crime rate, oppressive policing, low heath or education, a high pollution level, or high taxes. This is a good time to check the data maps, and charts for problems. The news ticker should also provide useful information if your Sims are unhappy.

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