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March 30th, 1999

The StoopidTicker! The scrolling thingy right above this post. underlined messages clickable (as in SimCity 3000 newsticker).

March 28th, 1999

New terrain @ of Martinez, California. Here's the description straight from
    Martinez, CA The historic seat of Contra Costa County in Northern California, Martinez was a stop for the Pony Express, a home to naturalist John Muir, and the birthplace of Joe DiMaggio. This Terrain includes transportation, buildings, and some zones already in place.
Download it here.
Preview it here

March 26th, 1999

New Hint: How to build a bridge over land! This one's a big article so it is placed on a separate page here. The article is complete with step by step screenshots I took while creating a land-bridge

March 26th, 1999 has put up two new features. The first is the Citycam which allows visitors to view cities as in SimCity 3000, by using zoom buttons and directional arrows - pretty neat! Also @, a Build Manhattan Contest. The city must be built on the Manhattan terrain, and winners will recieve a free game by EA, and have their city posted on CityCam.

March 21st, 1999

The Gamepost reviews SimCity 3000, giving it 96% and 5 stars. Gamepost praises SC3000 for it's improvement in gameplay over previous Sim versions. Read about it here

March 19th, 1999

The SimCity 3000 demo is #1 on the top 10 list at They offer three sites to download the 127MB .zip file from to cope with the busy signals. Estimated download time for 28.8 modem: 15hrs, 55mins.

March 18th, 1999

New Poll! Not very original this time, but I just had to ask! Here's what the catagories generally mean:
  • Always - Huh? There are funds in this game?
  • A lot - Damn codes are just so handy!
  • Sometimes - I get tempted...
  • Rarely - I try my best to play, but...
  • Never - I'm an honorable freak.
See the full results of the previous poll here.

March 17th, 1999

Maxis has posted 3 new terrains in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The 3 maps include 2 real-world terrains of Dublin, Ireland; the Island of Ireland; and Shamrock, an imaginary terrain of a three-leaf clover. Follow this link to download them all.

March 16th, 1999

The SimCity 3000 demo is now available at these places.
  1. EA Game Sampler CD-ROM:
    Get a copy of the demo CD for a donation of $5.
  2. PC Gamer Magazine:
    The demo CD is included in the April issue of PCGamer, for $7.99 US, or $8.99 CDN.
  3. 3D Files' FTP:
    Download it free from 3D Files at their FTP mirror sites. The size of the demo is 127MBs, so choose accordingly...

March 13th, 1999 

The site PC Data ranked SimCity 3000 1st in the top 10 list of best-selling computer games from February 21st to 27th. Alpha Centauri is second in the charts.

Also, a new SC3000 review at Digital Entertaintainment Online. Lot of good stuff said about SimCity. Read it all here.

March 10th, 1999 

New terrain to download at This time it's the Manhattan terrain, like the previous SanFran map, is complete with infrastructure and landmarks. Download it here.

March 10th, 1999 

New City! Metro - My biggest and best yet. Added to my cities section. Also added charts describing the cities' current population, funds, and year.

New desktop background, go to my downloads section to get it, or see a preview.

March 9th, 1999 

GameSpot posted an online guide for SimCity 3000. There is also a downloadable version, or buy Sybex's Unofficial SC3000 Strategies & Secrets guidebook. The online guide is mostly an infomercial for the book. Some helpful hints on zoning, otherwise mostly redundant information. See it here.

March 7th, 1999 

I made a desktop background out of a screenshot from my city with the "CityScape 3000" over it. Preview it, download it. I will continue to make some more whenever I find time.

March 3rd, 1999 

I made a desktop background out of a screenshot from my city with the "CityScape 3000" over it. Preview it, download it. I will continue to make some more whenever I find time.

March 2nd, 1999 

Two new landmark buildings to download at! This time they're from New York - the Gugenheim Museum and the New York Public Library. Get them both in the Landmark Pack #2, here.

Gugenheim Museum NY Public Library

March 2nd, 1999 

New article put up in the hints section: High-tech industries, what they do and how to get them going, right here.

Software Studio

March 1st, 1999 

Some articles on Maxis and SimCity 3000 out: GameSages reviews SimCity 3000 and says "SimCity 3000 is the best simulation money can buy." Also, GameSpot has a long article on the history of Maxis, here. It also includes some new info on the upcoming SimMars.

February 25th, 1999 

New poll! Share your opinion, vote!
You can view the results of the last poll here.

February 23rd, 1999 has this list of SimCity 3000 command keys on the keyboard. They have a .JPEG image of a keyboard with labels over the keys - looks useful. You can see it and memorize the keys, or print it out here.

February 23rd, 1999 

I have aquired a list of cheats you can type into the cheat window to get fun responses in the newsticker. they're all here in my cheats section.

February 22nd, 1999 

Finally, a few screenshots (6) I have taken from my cities. They're all taken from my better cities, and are quite nice. Check 'em out here.

February 17th, 1999 

Hints on developing farms in your city, here.

February 16th, 1999 

NEW CITY! Built by me, just completed!

Also, I made this nice title graphic for this site, but I am reluctant to use it because of its long download time. Take a look at it here, and maybe you can give me some feedback. Thanx.

February 12th, 1999 

New terrain called Maxisland downloadable here, at

February 11th, 1999 

A change of address. I think I'll stay here permanently now. You are now at Sections that still need to be completed are: Sim Line, and Links (partially). And of course new bitmaps and cities will be put up to download whenever I get more.

Gamespot gives SimCity 3000 a score of 8.4/10 in a recent review.

February 8th, 1999 

Nothing much on my site yet, although the official SimCity site has put up a new San Francisco landmark theme to download here. There's the Palace of Fine Arts, the Transamerica Tower (pyramid shaped one) Tower, and the Museum of Modern Art.

February 7th, 1999 

This site just posted at a temporary location at Tripod. Many sections incomplete. Just testing my page out on the web.


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